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How can a licensed paralegal help you?

        Licensed paralegals offer a more affordable access to justice.  In Ontario, paralegals are licensed, insured, and able, to represent you in specific areas of law.  

 In 2015, Paramax Legal Services Professional Corporation opened in Woodbridge, Ontario, and has been providing exceptional legal services, where our focus is on you, our client, and the best possible outcome for your individual situation.


Sonny Spadafora

 • Retired Justice of The Peace

• Former Police Officer

 • Licensed Paralegal

 • Paralegal Instructor

 • Over 40 Years of Experience.

Areas where we can help
traffic tickets_2x.png

Traffic Tickets



(Commercial Vehicle 

Operator’s Registration)

city by-law_2x.png

City By-Law Offences

commissioner of Oaths_2x.png

Commissioner of Oaths

workplace safety_2x.png

Occupational Health and Safety

small claims court_2x.png

Appeals and Reopenings

Paralegals are licensed by the Law Society of Ontario, the same regulating body for lawyers in Ontario.  Although paralegals and lawyers are licensed by the same body, paralegals are not lawyers.

Contact Paramax and get the legal representation you deserve.

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Weekend and after hour appointments available.

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